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Treasured Time

Treasured time to check in with myself. This has been a theme lately. How much […]



Play. It is not the opposite of work. It is exploring, discovering… playing! Trying new […]

Making Time for You

Making time for you.

This one is important, whether you’re in the studio or practicing at home. Make time […]

Comfort & Ease

Comfort & ease.

Sthira sukham asanam. Steadiness, happiness, seat. From the Yoga Sutras, and often translated as The […]



Once upon a time, I was a person that used no props in my practice. […]

Check in often.

Check in often.

One of the key elements of Flow & Hold® is utilizing resting postures throughout the […]



I talked about longevity & vitality as my goal for this practice, which was a […]

Change the Flow

Change the flow.

You’ll notice when you come to a Flow & Hold® class that instead of moving […]



Mantra is an interesting inclusion in this list of key elements of Flow & Hold® […]



Whether it’s in my flow, in my warm up, or both, I like to ensure […]



I once had someone say to me, “You know music.” I found it funny, because […]

Toppling Tree

Why balance?

Lately I’ve been circling back to a flow I developed a while back that moves […]


A Daily Practice

A daily home yoga practice is important to me, and over the years, I’ve noticed […]