About Om Fairy

Courtney Krishnamurthy, E-RYT500 & AHC, has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. During her first year of art school she discovered The Sivananda Companion to Yoga. Intrigued, she began to tinker with the various asanas in the book, and then she began to dive a little deeper into the practices outlined, incorporating pranayama and meditation into her practice. From the early days of art school through her days as an online marketing professional, yoga was a constant for no other reason than “it feels good”.

There came a point in Courtney’s practice where she began to discover a new sense of clarity and quiet in her mind. Her practice became the break in her day to hit the reset button and stop all the thoughts of work and to-dos so she could simply enjoy her evening instead of being constantly “on”. It was also during this time that little visions would pop into her mind during practice that delighted the artist in her. Om Fairy was brought to life when during shoulderstand she envisioned a small group of fairies trying their hardest to push an om symbol higher and higher, as if they were trying to yank the enlightenment to new heights for her. It’s a funny, fanciful, and most ridiculous vision, but it was a vision that captures Courtney’s belief about the experience of yoga with a “teacher” – the teacher is only a guide, in this case a group of fairies working overtime! Take what resonates from your guide, mix it with your own fairy dust or magic mojo, and discover your right path for you to embrace your goals.

For Courtney, who is pretty evenly split between right and left brains, her path started with her analytical side wanting to understand more about the physiological effects of her yoga practice, so in 2013 she attended Avalon Yoga’s 200-hour yoga teacher training. The training was a wonderful dive into a variety of yoga styles as well as a deeper look at the physiological and neurological aspects affected by the practice. She went into this training merely wanting to deepen her own practice, but thanks to getting many chances to teach during the training, she came out knowing there was so much more to share and learn with others about how yoga can change your life. She also came out of the training wanting to nourish her right brain as much as the left, so she has continued to study both the physiological and the more esoteric and philosophical aspects of yoga, sound, and meditation. You can see the complete details about Courtney’s training and the teachers she has studied with here.

Courtney views yoga as a practice that deepens one’s awareness of themselves on the mat so they can carry that awareness with them everywhere. She pulls from her knowledge of a variety of yoga styles, research, and personal experience to help students find an engaging and challenging yet relaxing practice that helps deepen awareness of themselves and quiet the mind.

Aerial Yoga
Play and finding different ways to experience movement in the body are key components to Courtney’s teaching style. In addition to bringing this playful nature to the mat, she teaches aerial yoga, SUP yoga, and yoga wheel classes, helping others tap into their playful sides, face their fears, discover new strengths, and understand how their body and mind shifts in these different conditions.

Courtney’s intention is to help others deepen their trust in their own intuition and wisdom with the tools of yoga and ayurveda. She’s experienced first-hand the myriad of ways yoga and ayurveda can better one’s life, and she’s a firm believer that while these practices can transform mind, body, and spirit, it’s not a bad thing if you are more focused on one aspect than another. The most important thing is that you have the tools you need to make a difference in your life.

Are you ready to show up with a willing spirit and a playful curiosity to see where this practice can take you?

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