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Tiny Mushrooms, Roan Mountain, NC

On Awareness

  from Topic 5, Awareness: An Introduction, in the book A Systematic Course in the […]

Roan Mountain pathway

Happy Earth Day

I thought this would be an appropriate quote to share on Earth Day because it […]

Under the Aqueduct, Kyoto

Momentary Inquiry

“Imagine if before every action we initiated, we took a breath.” – Katie Silcox “In […]

Buddha On Resentment

A lesson to practice

This one took a while to really sink in. While it’s still not easy for […]

There is only now.

My mantra as of late

There is only this moment to make something happen. There is only this moment to […]


Be your-Self

“If you want lasting happiness, just be your-Self, which is lasting happiness. If you find […]