If Every Moment Carried the Hope of a New Year

Happy Day!

Yes, Happy Day!! As we embark on a new year, whether or not we set out new goals or resolutions for the year, there’s always an air of hope moving into this day. Of leaving behind that which didn’t serve us well from the year before. The possibilities that lie on the horizon, beckoning us to find, discover, pursue them.

As we move further away from this day, that magic often fades. We get back into our routines, our schedules, our busy-ness, and we’re less able to see the light, the hope, the delight that often dances through our thoughts on this day.

Take a moment on this New Year’s Day and sit with these feelings. Really examine those little bits of happiness, serenity, satiety, thankfulness, optimism, aspirations… whatever comes up for you. Examine how they feel, how you feel – in your mind, in your body, how your face feels, how your breath moves, what words bubble up in your mind. Examine them as if you want to bottle that feeling.

From time to time this year, call to mind that feeling. Especially on the days when you feel down, when you feel harried, worn out, as if you’re not sure where to go from here. Remember that every moment we have the opportunity to cast aside that which came before, to reset course, to come back to seeing the world through this magic, joyous lens.
Happy New Year! Om Fairy wishes you much abundance, joy, and light in 2018!

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