Past, Present, Future Meditation

Meditation. Often people think meditation means getting rid of all of the thoughts in your head. While it might feel great to empty the mind completely, it’s nearly impossible, especially when you sit down with the intention to not think about anything. In order to not think about something, whether […]

Past Present Future Meditation

Yoga Nidra: Finding Deep Relaxation

I teach yoga nidra on Fridays at Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center. Every week, I have at least one person ask me, “What exactly is this practice?” So I thought I would offer my answer here, as well as provide a practice for those who would like to try this practice […]

Understanding the Nervous System

Sympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic nervous system. They’re words that are often bandied about when we talk of the benefits of yoga. Sometimes we go a little deeper and talk about how these two systems play a role in our stress response, how they’re tied to the breath, or how we […]


Toppling Tree

Why balance?

Lately I’ve been circling back to a flow I developed a while back that moves through a lot of balancing postures to strengthen the core without aggravating the lower back, shoulder girdle, and wrists. It’s a great leaping off point (pun intended) for moving into toppling tree, pictured above. As […]

Meditation in Your Day

One of the first series I started posting on Om Fairy was the 1-minute meditation series. It started with a hike up St. Joseph’s Hill and California poppies blowing with the grass in the wind. I decided to take a minute and video this peaceful scene so I could have […]

California Poppies