On Compassion

Buddha Energy

A few week’s ago, I attended Cyndi Lee’s workshop at Breathe Los Gatos, Confidence, Clarity, & Compassion. The workshop focused on using the six practices of a Bodhisattva — generosity, discipline, patience, morality, meditation and wisdom — as a framework for creating sequences. One of the first exercises we did, however, was a 5-minute writing meditation on compassion, and what it meant. Since I found my response rather eye opening for myself, I thought I’d share it here.

Compassion is understanding. Understanding others and where they’re coming from. What feeds their actions, behaviors, fears, outbursts, and their compassion. Compassion is an understanding of self – how you relate to the world and why. And being okay with that even if it needs work. Compassion feeds how you relate to other people. It fuels your actions and reactions. Compassion is understanding that events you may or may not remember may feed your reaction to others. So when you’re angry, frustrated, annoyed, or upset, compassion can be taking a step back from a situation. Understanding why you’re in the emotional state. What in you has fed this feeling? Compassion is also taking that step back to understand why the person is acting and feeling as they are.

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