More About Courtney’s Training

Details about my training. It is important that I give thanks and credit to the people who have influenced my practices and my teachings.
Thanks to each and every one of these teachers for sharing their knowledge with me and providing guidance & inspiration in my yoga journey.

Avalon Yoga International’s 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Training

Anatomical & Physiological Foundations of Yoga: Steve Farmer, PhD, Brian Aganad

Teaching Postural Safety: Brian Aganad, Doris Palmer, Elena Milyukova, Rebecca Kovacs

Overviews of Ashtanga & Derivative Vinyasa Styles, and Key Principles of Iyengar Yoga: Brian Aganad

Sukshma Vyayama: Doris Palmer

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, & Yoga Nidra: Janya Wongsopa

Dharma Yoga & Kundalini Yoga: Rebecca Kovacs

Mixed Yoga Styles, Yin/Yang Yoga, & Pre-natal Yoga: Ro Mamone

Advanced Pranayama & Original Yoga inspired by the Gheranda Samihta: Richard Rosen

Where Dance & Yoga Intersect: Arthur Cadre

Yoga for Seniors & Therapeutic Yoga: Loa Farr

An Introduction to Therapeutic Yoga & Medicine: Timothy McCall, MD

Mantra & Nada Meditation: Girish

Yoga for Distressed Populations: James Fox, Founder/Director of the Prison Yoga Project

Yoga history & key texts (Hatha Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras): Steve Farmer, PhD, with special talks from James Mallinson, PhD, and Debra Diamond, Curator at Freer | Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian

The Guru Circuit in early America, with a focus on histories of Yogi Bhajan & William Walker Atkinson (Yogi Ramacharaka): Philip Deslippe

Sanskrit: Luis Gonzalez-Reimann, PhD

Yoga Anatomy: Shawn Bek, DC

Human Anatomy Lab for Health & Fitness Professionals at Life Chiropractic College West with Mark Thompson, DC, & Chris Salem, DC

Yoga, Nutrition, and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases: John Krueger, MD

Breathe Los Gatos Joy of Yoga 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Joy of Yoga Flight School (aerial yoga) Certifictation: Pearl Wang

Confidence, Clarity, and Compassion: Cyndi Lee

The Four Medieval Yogas & Gurus of Modern Yoga; Tantric & Ascetic Visions of Yoga; History, Theory & Practice of Hatha Yoga; Yoga Sutras, Theory & Practice: Mark Singleton, PhD

Journey of Yoga: An Applied Exploration into the Art of Practice;
Adventures in Yoga-Asana: Intelligent Sequencing for Flow/Vinyasa; Embodying & Teaching Vinyasa Intensives: Jennifer Prugh

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training: Misako Matsuoka

Yoga and the Pelvic Floor: Leslie Howard

Joy of Living Meditation: Tim Olmsted

Tantra Shakti: Katie Silcox

Thai Yoga Massage: James Humecky

“When We Keep our Body Straight”: A Day-Long Workshop in Physical Alignment: Richard Rosen

Anatomy of the Subtle Body: Tias Little

Vinyasa Krama Yoga: Srivatsa Ramaswami

Shakti School Ayurveda Wellness Coach Program: 300 hours

The Basic Worldview of Ayurveda; The Doshas; Woman as Healer and Prakriti; Agni; Dinacharya; The Gunas; Rasa & The Six Tastes; Valve System Body Yantra & Emotions, Tarpana: Katie Silcox

Ethics in Relationship & Energetic Self-care; Attending & Listening Skills: Erin McCloskey, M.Ed.

Srotamsi; Women’s Health: Mary Thompson, C.A.S., P.K.S., Ayurvedacharya

Intro to Osteopathy; The Thyroid; Detox, Inflammation & Gut Pathology; Research, Structure, & Function; Autonomic Nervous System; Trauma in the Body: Dr. Kirsten Mackey, D.O.

The Ayurvedic Kitchen: Mary Dove Silcox

Mudra; Mantra; Yoga Nidra: Indu Arora

Ritual & Archetypes: Meredith Hogan

Adaptogens, Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine, Divine Chanting: Prashanti de Jager

Ayurvedic Cooking; Ayurvedic Cleansing; Food Relationships & the Psychology of Eating: Meredith Klein

Jyotish Vedic Astrology: Danielle Bertoia

Ayurveda, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Wisdom: Chrisandra Fox Walker

Shakti School Ayurveda Health Counselor Program: 300 hours

The Nervous System; Panchakarma Therapies; Breast Care; Tantra of Money; Moon Rituals; Body Yantra; The Crone: Katie Silcox

Samprapti & The Pathways of Disease; Fertility, Conception & Pregnancy: Mary Thompson, C.A.S., P.K.S., Ayurvedacharya

Ayurvedic Skincare: Meredith Klein

Yoni Steaming: Deborah Bagg

The Divine Feminine Archetype & Yantra Wisdom: Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

Embracing the Power of Herbs: Brooke Sullivan

Marma Vidya; Yoga for the Dosha, Dwadasha: Indu Arora

Healing Light of Jyotish; Vastu: Dr. Katy Jane

Essential Oils & Skincare: Trinity Ava

Ayurveda & Psychospiritual Wellness; Moon Rituals & Women’s Cycles: Siva Mohan, MD, MPH

Attachment Theory: Vanessa Durrant, MSW, LCSW-C, LCSW, RMT, RYT

The Living Matrix; Levels of Healing: Dr. Kirsten Mackey, D.O.

Ayurveda for Disordered Eating: Myra Lewin

Mother-Baby Sanctuary: Chrisandra Fox Walker

Babies & Children: Nidhi Pandya

Sexual Anatomy & Somatic Sex Education: Chris Muse

Nidra Shakti & Sankalpa: Tracee Stanley

Men’s Health: Ragaia Belovarac, MA, CAS, PKS, CMT

Additional training & workshops

Anatomy & the Functional Approach to Yoga: Paul & Suzee Grilley

Break It Down: Adapting Classical Yoga Postures for All Abilities: Talya Lutzker & Lorien Neargarder

Core Awareness – The Psoas Muscle workshop: Liz Koch

Finding Your Voice: Teaching from your Practice, Experience, and Intuition: Jason Crandell

Transitions: Kathryn Budig

Anatomy of Inversions: Tiffany Cruikshank

Bliss Paddle Yoga Teacher Training: Taylor Chaput, Dana Mitchell, & Hana Pepin from Bliss Paddle Yoga

The Science of Stretching Part 1: Biomechanics and Neuromechanisms; Successful Standing Poses; This is Spinal Map; Variation Nation; Yoga Biomechanics & Asana; Beyond Yoga Alignment; Hip Dynamics; Shoulder Potential; & Core Encore; Hypermobility & Yoga: Best Techniques for Strength & Safety: Jules Mitchell, MS

TYS™ Gentle Aerial Yoga: Pik Chu Wong, The Yoga Studio

Yoga & Sound Alchemy: Rebecca Kovacs, Saraswati Om, Ayi Wong & Michael Mayzel

You Are Here: Mapping the Energy Bodies: Claudia Fountain

Yoga. Psyche. Soul.: Ashley Turner, M.A., MFTI

Transitions & the Art of Linking Poses Smoothly, Hamstrings & Limitless Leg Power, Hip Openers: Road to Yogidandasana, Shoulder & Heart Openers, Yoga Methodology Training: Carmen & Moises Aguilar

Yoga and the Chinese Meridians: Bridget Puchalsky, L.Ac. MTCM diplomate o.m.d.

Chakras Illuminated: Christopher Hareesh Wallis, PhD

Ojas: Katie Silcox

Chanting: Yoga of the Heart: Janet Stone

Asana & The Subtle Body; Marma & The Subtle Body: Indu Arora

The Circle Sessions; Lila Shakti; Private study: Rebecca Kovacs

Yoga Medicine Innovation Conference: Yoga Medicine, Tiffany Cruikshank