Releasing tension in the neck & back

Many moons ago, I had debilitating headaches. I’m one of those special people that would happen to get both a tension and a migraine headache at the same time, one often triggering the other. So over the years, in addition to doctors providing me with a multitude of drugs to try (none of which worked), at one point, I was given a pamphlet on how to release tension in the neck. That’s where I learned of this two-tennis-balls-in-a-sock trick. I’m not sure what prompted me to start rolling them down my spine for additional release, but ever since I discovered how good it felt, I’ve kept this on hand, replacing it every time my dog mistook it for one of his toys (note: keep separate from dog toys!). Today, I no longer have migraines and tension headaches, but I do often feel tension in my back and neck, so on the ground I go, rolling out the kinks with my tennis balls in a sock. This has also been a great travel buddy. On the airplane, I often place these behind me to keep me from caving into the weirdly rounded seats that feel good to no one. When I get to my destination, I roll out any last kinks I have, along with taking a few moments to do a supported bridge pose, and my body feels like new!

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