A Yoga Perspective

A new world

Sometimes the best part of yoga is seeing the world anew. Two days this past week I’ve just been floored to notice something in the middle of my practice. One afternoon, it was coming up out of fish and seeing the beauty of my backyard. Everything that needs to be done faded away. Nevermind the fence that needs to be replaced, the fountains that need to be cleaned, the garden beds that need new irrigation, the furniture in the wrong place… The list goes on and on as to what I normally see out here. In that moment, the world was beautiful, the sky bright, and every bit of that chatter faded away for the rest of my practice, and really changed me for the next few days as I’ve stepped outside.

Today, it was the flower, upside down, in the blades of grass. My head was upside down. It was there. Floating in the blades. I studied its lightness, its stamen, how the blades of grass touched it. As I rolled back up, I saw a hummingbird floating in between the apricot tree and the palm trees. It flitted for a few minutes before heading off to the neighbor’s yard.

Yoga may be an exercise for many, but for me, it’s this happenstance. These moments where I’m not too focused on clearing my mind, but it happens. These moments where the world has clarity, is beautiful the way it is, and I’m just in it. I’m surrounded by it, and I’m part of it.


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