Happy Earth Day

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

I thought this would be an appropriate quote to share on Earth Day because it can be taken quite literally. However, I love the larger sentiment behind it. We so often want to see the fruits of our efforts immediately, or at least in the near term, but so many things take a long time to nurture and grow into something as strong & steady as a tree. So whether it is in your yoga practice, in your business life, or in your love life, just know that for most of us, we won’t magically reach that end point – the peak asana pose, a million-dollar business, or a partner & kids – if we don’t plant the seed today, and nurture that dream to reality.

This photo was taken in Roan Mountain, North Carolina. It’s one of the more peaceful places I know of on this earth, even in the midst of a busy rhododendron festival when this was taken. Tiny little pine tree saplings that will one day grow to be these guys.

Roan Mountain pathway

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