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Treasured Time

Treasured time to check in with myself. This has been a theme lately. How much […]

The Date Shake

Recipe: The Date Shake

When I stumbled across this recipe on Epicurious last year, I immediately ran out to […]

Hasta Vinyasa

Hasta Vinyasa

Hasta vinyasa or hand sequence. Though simple looking, there’s a lot going on with these […]



Play. It is not the opposite of work. It is exploring, discovering… playing! Trying new […]

Side Crow

The Social Media Game

What rules do you play by? What rules do you self-impose on yourself? I find […]

Making Time for You

Making time for you.

This one is important, whether you’re in the studio or practicing at home. Make time […]

Comfort & Ease

Comfort & ease.

Sthira sukham asanam. Steadiness, happiness, seat. From the Yoga Sutras, and often translated as The […]



Once upon a time, I was a person that used no props in my practice. […]

Check in often.

Check in often.

One of the key elements of Flow & Hold® is utilizing resting postures throughout the […]