Hasta Vinyasa

Hasta vinyasa or hand sequence. Though simple looking, there’s a lot going on with these basic movements of the hands and arms. This series is a great way to get the kinks worked out of the shoulders, chest, and upper back. Once you’ve finished, you feel you can breathe a bit easier, the torso expanding a bit more with the breath. Technically you’re supposed to hold the hand positions for a few deep ujaiyi breaths, but even the single breath yields benefit.

Though the prescribed way is in tadasana, it works equally as well sitting, whether on a bolster or at a desk. I also like to do these while walking to warm up for a run to breathe a little easier or at the beginning of a SUP session to let my shoulders prepare for all the paddling I’m certain to do. Hasta vinyasa: it’s like the multi-tool of yogic exercises! 😆

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