Weekly Schedule of Public Classes

Due to the “Shelter-In-Place” order in California, all public classes are now being offered live, online, via Zoom. Private sessions are still available, also via Zoom.


All Classes Start on Pacific Time

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The Morning Sit

Use this time in the morning to find your center, gain clarity, and set the course for your day. Each morning Courtney will share a meditation, pranayama, kriya, or blend of practices that sets the tone for a spectacular morning. Come ready to sit comfortably and see how a short amount of time can really flip your perspective.

Flow & Hold® Yoga

Flow & Hold is about approaching the yoga practice with an inquisitive mind, embracing the playfulness and joy that can exist in every moment. Class starts with vinyasa flow to bring warmth to the body, movement to the large muscle groups and joints, and focus to the mind through the introduction of variability in the flow. As the asana practice deepens, we begin to hold the poses longer, exploring the role our breath and the intrinsic muscles contribute to the refinement of the pose. As we discover ease and stillness in the postures and begin to witness the turnings of the mind, awareness of the connection of mind and body deepens, nourishing your entire being.

Slow Flow & Restore

Working through a slow, gentle flow, your body will release the accumulated tensions from your day as your mind focuses on your movement and your breath. As you find release from your physical and mental tensions, we’ll move into more restorative postures meant to calm the nervous system and gently relax both body and mind.
This class is suitable for all levels.

Vigorous Vinyasa

Build heat in the body through dynamic, playful vinyasa flows incorporating sun salutations and unique flows based on standing and balancing poses before exploring more complex poses that will challenge your mind as well as your body. There is a strong focus on utilizing the breath and awareness to establish ease and steadiness in the practice.