Weekly Classes

Due to COVID-19, all public classes are now being offered live, online, via Zoom. Private sessions are still available, also via Zoom.


All Classes Start on Pacific Time

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The Bliss Practice:
Yin, Marma, Massage

  • Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:45 pm

    Open to all!

    Starts August 4th – Register here!

Missing your massages? This grounded practice focuses on long-held, passive asanas to target the fascia, connective tissue, and joints in the body, providing a feeling of release similar to a deep tissue massage. We’ll utilize not only the postures of yin, but self massage techniques and manipulation of marma points to further enhance the practice, leaving you feeling blissed out and replenished.

Flow & Hold® Yoga

Flow & Hold is about approaching the yoga practice with an inquisitive mind, embracing the playfulness and joy that can exist in every moment. Class starts with vinyasa flow to bring warmth to the body, movement to the large muscle groups and joints, and focus to the mind through the introduction of variability in the flow. As the asana practice deepens, we begin to hold the poses longer, exploring the role our breath and the intrinsic muscles contribute to the refinement of the pose. As we discover ease and stillness in the postures and begin to witness the turnings of the mind, awareness of the connection of mind and body deepens, nourishing your entire being.

Renew + Restore

This gentle class uses the combination of movement and gentle strengthening asanas to help you release tension and energy before moving into more restorative postures. As you move deeper into restoration, you’ll discover an increased awareness of your physical and mental state, calming the nervous system and gently relaxing both body and mind.
This class is suitable for most levels.

The Reset

  • Thursdays 8:30 – 10:15 am

    Open to all!

    Starts July 30th – Register here!

Whether you are joining me for your morning practice, or later in the afternoon, this practice is all about shifting your energy and resetting for your day. We start this practice with techniques to help you find your center and gain clarity, incorporating meditation, pranayama, kriya, and mantra. Then we flow into a playful practice, bringing warmth to the body and moving the large muscle groups, focusing the mind with variability in our flow. As the asana practice deepens, the poses will be held longer so you can explore the role your breath and intrinsic muscles contribute to the refinement of the asana as you sink into ease and stillness. Feel nourished, recharged, and set the tone for a spectacular day or evening.
Note: The first ~30 minutes is dedicated to meditation, and the more in-depth asana practice begins after. Feel free to join me at any point for one or both parts of The Reset. Always take the time to center and warm up or wind down if you are arriving late or leaving early.

Vigorous Vinyasa

Build heat in the body through dynamic, playful vinyasa flows incorporating sun salutations and unique flows based on standing and balancing poses before exploring more complex poses that will challenge your mind as well as your body. There is a strong focus on utilizing the breath and awareness to establish ease and steadiness in the practice.