Music & Mantra Mondays: Cleopatra in New York

Cleopatra in New York

This song falls under the header of those songs that just make me want to move. I’m drawn to the higher pitched notes mixed in with a good baseline, and the first time I heard Cleopatra in New York it made me want to shimmy my spine ever upward, like the stereotypical image of a cobra lifting out of a basket. While last week’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond encapsulated a full mini-practice in my head, Cleopatra became my leaping off point for a playlist full of songs featuring that same bass beat with a higher pitch accenting the song. Let’s Dance by Bowie and Little Lady from the General Elektriks keep a similar time in the beat, making this trio perfect for a warming flow, high notes transitioning from the wind instrument in Cleo to guitar in Dance to organ in Lady. As the practice begins to come into longer holds and the occasional rest posture, the tempo slows, the bass not quite as intense in Watching in Slow Motion by DJ Drez.

It wasn’t intentional that I paired this playlist with Flow to the Infinite, a practice filled with variations of anantanasana, but it is quite fitting. Did you know that each free full-length yoga practice I post has an accompanying playlist? Scroll down below the videos to find them!

Give this playlist a try with Flow to the Infinite, or just pop over and listen to the tunes for now on Spotify or Google Play. Want to listen to all of the songs featured in Music & Mantra Mondays instead? Follow it here on Spotify.

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