The Art of Ayurveda & The Ayurvedic Kitchen | A 50-hour YTT Immersion

You are a unique being. From the foods you eat to the lifestyle you lead, what is right and brings balance to your life is unique to you.

According to ayurveda, everything is rooted in the five elements, including you. In ayurveda, if you live in balance with these elements, you experience health, radiance, and vitality. When you fall out of balance, you experience dis-ease. Everything you take in through your senses, from the food you eat, the products you put on your skin, and the air you breathe, to your emotions, the environment you live in, and your yoga practice changes the elemental balance in your body.

This immersion is designed to take you deeper into understanding the five elements, how their balance changes with the cycles of time – daily, seasonally, and throughout your life – and what changes small and large you can incorporate into your lifestyle, yoga practice, and diet to enhance your health, well-being, and intuition about what is right for you. We’ll go into the kitchen and discover the six rasas or tastes of ayurveda, understand the basics of nutrition and digestion from the ayurvedic perspective, and discover the rituals behind putting truly nourishing food on the plate and into our body. We may not be able to control all of life, but knowing the tools available to us from this ancient form of self-care allows us to maintain balance in our modern world and live our most vibrant life!

What’s Covered

  • Expand on your knowledge of how asana, pranayama and meditation practices effect the doshic balance in the body
    • Learn the basics of marmani and their influence on the doshas
    • Understand the 15 sub-doshas, their connections to the marma points, and how they work together in the body
  • Develop a deeper understanding of prakruti and vikruti and why vikruti is of the utmost importance to address
  • Understand the natural flow of the doshas in nature, in your body, daily, seasonally, and throughout a lifetime and how to balance the natural fluctuations
  • Addressing the doshas in the body in the kitchen
    • A firm grounding in the role digestion plays in well-being from the viewpoint of ayurveda
    • Understanding the multiple Agnis and how they contribute to our health
    • The qualities of food and spices and how to use them to address vikruti
    • Tasty, delicious recipes suitable for the season and change of seasons


  • Completion of a 200-hour YTT program OR completion of two Om Fairy® immersions including La Dolce Vita.
  • A serious interest in the content of the immersion.
  • Please note: there will be a wide variety of recipes made during this immersion. While we will certainly ensure everyone has something to suit their food preferences, please know that vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan foods will be made during our time together.