Share Your Practice :: The Teacher’s Compendium | A 50-hour YTT Immersion

Let the doubt fall away, share your voice, and learn to take your students through an experience that transcends the physical practice.

When you know you are simply a guide, sharing your experience with others, it frees you to teach from a place of authenticity, letting your doubts and fears fall away. Step into your power, find your voice, and learn to share an experience with your students instead of merely taking them through prescriptive motions. Dive into the details of how to provide the most engaging class experience, from exploring themes, music, atmosphere and languaging to exploring assists for students and adapting classes for special populations. Follow this immersion with The Business of Yoga online course to further refine your offering and receive guidance if you want to take your career in yoga further.

What’s Covered

  • Teaching yoga in the classroom:
    • Class plans – how to sequence and adapt based on your students
    • Providing assists and adjustments
    • Teaching special populations, including considerations for pregnancy, cancer, injuries, and seniors
  • Creating the atmosphere:
    • Finding your voice literally and figuratively
    • Bringing themes into your yoga class
    • Using music to enhance your students’ experience
    • Exploring Sanskrit and Hindu mythologies
    • Language to encourage and empower your students
  • For your business:
    • Ethics of teaching yoga
    • The Business of Yoga online companion


  • A minimum of one year of consistent yoga practice.
  • A serious interest in the content of the immersion.
  • Completion of at least one of the Om Fairy 50-hour YTT immersions or currently a 200-hour RYT.