La Dolce Vita :: The Sweet Foundations of Practice | A 50-hour YTT Immersion

How do you find balance? How do you follow the middle path in your yoga practice, in your diet, in your all aspects of your life?

La Dolce Vita is about developing rituals and practices that provide you with longevity, vitality, and health without sacrificing the joys and pleasures that make life sweet! Tap into your own divine guidance to navigate you through your yoga practice, to develop your daily self-care rituals, to illuminate and follow your purpose in life, to nourish your entire being. Develop radical trust in yourself and your journey, knowing the choices you make are right for you in this moment. Use the tools of yoga and ayurveda to discover how to hear the signs the universe provides, to see the guidance of your own inner Om Fairy.

What’s Covered

  • Developing self-guidance through self-practice:
    • How to tap into “the witness” to guide your yoga session
    • Sequencing a practice based on your intuition along with traditional sequencing approaches
    • Techniques to continue to be inspired by your daily practice
  • Uncovering your purpose:
    • The traditional teachings of the purusharthas
    • Creating a blueprint for fulfillment
    • How to live in alignment with your dharma in modern day society
  • Energetic anatomy:
    • Understanding the chakras and how our modern day chakra system came to be
    • Practices inspired by the chakras
    • The koshas and how they relate to your yoga practice
  • A firm foundation in the basic concepts of yoga and ayurveda:
    • The evolution of yoga from ancient traditions to modern practices and the prevalent styles of the times
    • Elemental theory and the doshas, and how to balance the elements through your diet, lifestyle, and yoga practice
    • Yoga philosophy and limbs of yoga
    • How to incorporate the ayurvedic concepts of dinacharya and ritucharya to enhance your yoga practice and life


  • A minimum of one year of consistent yoga practice.
  • A serious interest in the content of the immersion.