Chakras :: Uncovering Intuition | A 50-hour YTT Immersion

Our unprocessed emotions are stored in the fabric of our connective tissue, becoming part of our subconscious until they are illuminated, digested, assimilated, and ultimately dissolved.

Our subtle energy centers are some of the most powerful and most elusive portals to uncovering our divine wisdom that allows us to navigate this life with a deep sense of trust, guided by our intuition. The chakras are a visualization tool to allow us to become aware of the energy stored in our being, both good and bad. Ancient yogis didn’t open or close these centers, they developed a relationship with the energy, and over time purified and dissolved the energies and samskaras stored in the body. We’ll dive into the practices of nyasa, placing our attention at these energy centers, and using the chakras as a meditation space. We will also look at the Western way of working with the chakras through archetypes and anatomy, discovering how this more tangible entry point enables our mind to connect with the subtle energetics of that which remains undigested in our body, allowing us to see and release our samskaras, unblocking the path to our inherent intuition.

What’s Covered

  • Understand the varying philosophies of chakra systems and the roots of the 7-chakra system popular today
  • Learn the placement and installation of the chakras, elements, and energies in the body through sound, touch, visualization, and meditation
  • Discover the connections between the asanas and the chakras through subtle energetics, marmani, viscerosomatics, and archetypes associated with these energy centers
  • Explore the anatomy and function of the nerve plexuses and endocrine system and the parallels that exist between the energetics of these systems and the chakras
  • Most importantly dive deep into experiencing the chakras through sound, movement, and meditation and learn how their energetic patterns manifest in your body and psyche


  • Completion of a 200-hour YTT program or the Om Fairy® 200-hour foundational immersions.
  • A serious interest in the content of the immersion.