Awaken :: The Persistence of Meditation | A 50-hour YTT Immersion

What arises when you draw yourself away from everything external? What arises when effort ceases and you just are?

There’s a lot happening within us at all times that we are not aware of, from the physical functions of our body to the internal soundtrack of our subconscious whispering in our ear. When we pause we can begin to notice all of these small nuances happening within us. Meditation allows you to get quiet enough to hear and observe what is happening within. Often we cling to the ideas about what life we should be living. Meditation gives us the ability to see these illusions we confine ourselves in and begin to shed the layers of conditioning that have built up over a lifetime, allowing us to come back to our source and our innate wisdom.

This immersion will take you deep into the preparations and techniques you can use to help experience a meditative state. Once you have a taste of the layers of thought and conditioning you carry within you, this experience enables you to not just follow a structured meditation on a cushion, but to develop a keen awareness of your actions and reactions to all that is happening around you as you move through life. Then your meditation becomes part of the rhythm of your day, elevating your ability to manipulate your energy and attachments to outcome.

What’s Covered

  • Preparation and choices for meditation
    • Experience a wide range of styles of meditation, including both focused attention and open awareness methods
    • How to prepare the body for meditation and finding your asana
    • Timing and voice modulation when leading meditation
  • The benefits and physiological responses of the body to meditation and current research available
  • The anatomy of the brain and central nervous system
    • How to use meditation to bring the nervous system back to a sense of homeostasis
    • Beyond fight or flight – the stages of stress response
    • Body structure and insight into the state of the autonomic nervous system
    • When traditional meditation techniques are contraindicated and what to do instead
  • Meditation beyond the cushion: how to experience the meditative state throughout your day and the benefits to doing so


  • Completion of a 200-hour YTT program OR completion of three Om Fairy® immersions including Soma :: The Nectar of Life.
  • A serious interest in the content of the immersion.