There’s No Place Like Now Mala – Coral & Lava Rock


Hand knotted in the California sun, cleansed by the full moon, & made with the mantra “There's no place like now.”

There's No Place Like Now malas are a gentle reminder that we can only be in one place, and that place is the present moment. Traditionally the guru bead represents your own teacher or the higher, universal Self. In the place of the traditional gemstone, these malas contain a vintage watch face, pointing to Now, reminding us that we can learn from every moment, that every observation and interaction we have imprints itself upon us. If we remain receptive, our inner guide grows stronger, helping us along the path we choose to follow in life.

This mala is made of red-colored sponge coral beads and natural lava rock beads, which stand out against the bright pops of neon pink nylon and tassle. Coral quiets the emotions, bringing one in harmony with their community, and accelerating the transfer of knowledge to others. It stimulates intuition, imagination, and visualization, and is sometimes referred to as the Teacher’s Stone. Lava rock is a stone of strength and guidance, and it is exceptionally grounding. It can help provide stability during times of change and is believed to calm emotions and provide clarity.

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The mala pictured is the actual mala that will be shipped to you.

There’s No Place Like Now malas are made from vintage watch faces. Each mala is unique. One may find tiny scratches on the watch face or the housing, though if there’s anything large I wouldn’t be using it to craft this item. I note the color of the watch metal below, but please note that I have no idea of the true contents of the metal in the watch piece.

This mala is made of 102 sponge coral beads and 6 lava rock beads strung on neon pink nylon for endurance. The watch piece is silver, and the tassel is a vibrant pink. This watch keeps good time at “now”, not straying off course to the future or the past.

Bead size: 8 mm coral; 8 mm lava rock
Mala length (minus tassel): 38 inches, guru bead hitting near the solar plexus

All malas are hand-knotted by me. I use “There’s no place like now,” as a mantra during knotting, and all malas are cleansed in the full moonlight before shipping. You receive a mala ready to be imbued with your energy!


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