Corporate Yoga

Before I taught yoga, I spent 12 years working in an office environment, working in sales operations, product management, marketing, program management, and client services over those years. While I loved my time in this world, I know the toll this type of work can take on the body and mind, from the simple physicality of not moving much throughout the day to the stress of meeting deadlines and constantly pivoting to meet ever-changing demands of clients and the market and trying to manage some semblance of work-life balance in the process.

Yoga can help not only maintain the physical body, but it can also provide increased ability to focus, reduce strong negative reactions, and provide more determination and willpower for practitioners. Studies also show that yoga programs in the workplace can lower healthcare costs.

Reach out to me and we can custom design a program that works for your company. Whether you are looking for a weekly or bi-weekly yoga class, a longer workshop or team building event, or yoga videos to offer employees who are constantly on the go the ability to reap the benefits of this practice, I can help you design a wellness program that meets your company’s needs.