Om Fairy® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training – 50 hours

Let your students experience what it’s like to soar!

Experience the joy, courage, playfulness, and awe the aerial hammock can bring to your students’ practice. Aerial yoga helps students discover new relationships with the asanas you teach. Using the aerial hammock as a prop, students can deepen their mat practice, feeling new experiences in familiar asanas and finding support in asanas that might otherwise be inaccessible.

There’s so many ways to explore this practice, and Courtney Krishnamurthy covers many of them in this comprehensive 50-hour yoga teacher training. Courtney has taught a variety of aerial yoga styles on both 1-point and 2-point aerial set ups, and her goal has always been to further enhance the yoga practice with this versatile prop.

This aerial training goes beyond the traditional aerial flow (which is covered) and looks at how to use the hammock to teach a wide variety of yoga modalities. Whether you want to embrace the womb-like quality of the hammock for restorative or gentle yogas, teach students new ways to sense traditional alignment cues, or bring a high flying experience to your most confident and curious students who love a challenge, this training will provide you with the tools you need to set the stage for these experiences to unfold.

What’s Covered

  • Hammock basics and setup:
    • Aerial safety precautions, health concerns, and contraindications.
    • How to set up the aerial environment, how to tie an aerial hammock, setting the hammock height.
    • The variety of aerial setups and their pros and cons. 1-point systems, 2-point systems, rigs, permanently-installed hammocks, and other installations.
    • Managing students in different environments. Privates, groups, low hammock practice, high hammock practice.
  • Aerial Basics and Asanas:
    • The building blocks of the basic aerial class.
    • Basic cueing and aerial terminology.
    • How to mitigate risks with the hammock.
    • Review of 100s of asanas adapted for the aerial hammock and aerial-specific postures.
  • The most common aerial sequencing, asana groupings, and aerial transitions, as well as how to develop your own sequences and transitions that flow seamlessly from one posture to the next.
  • How to adapt the aerial practice to a variety of yoga styles. We will specifically cover creating alignment-based, vinyasa, restorative, and gentle practices.
  • The history of swing-like props in yoga and postures from ancient texts that influenced modern-day yoga.
  • Overview of the stimulation of the marma points with the hammock and their benefits.
  • Thai massage techniques with the hammock.
  • Plenty of time to practice the intricacies of teaching aerial yoga.
  • Included with training will be access to the Om Fairy Aerial Yoga Bundle, an online instruction manual filled with videos that demonstrate each of the asanas and transitions you will learn during the training as well as basics such as how to tie the hammocks and where to purchase materials.


The Om Fairy Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is geared toward teachers who are already comfortable teaching yoga and holding space for students. At a minimum, students must have their 200RYT certification and be comfortable teaching groups or private clients.

If you are an aerial enthusiast and would like to learn more about your aerial yoga practice, but you do not yet want to teach, you are welcome to reach out to me and see if this training would be a good match for you.


Are you ready to fly?

  • This immersion can be scheduled based on your interest and availability. Please reach out to Courtney to inquire about timing.