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Yoga On Your Time, Yoga On Demand

Practice with me in the comfort of your own home. Asana breakdowns, ayurvedic practices, full-length yoga classes, there's so much to discover!


Private Yoga Sessions

Please note: Courtney is only accepting private session appointments for existing clients both at the Om Fairy studio in San Jose and virtually at this time.

Om Fairy offers private sessions to help you discover and refine your practice. Deepen your trust in your own intuition and wisdom with the tools of yoga and ayurveda and make a difference in your life and wellbeing.

Go Deep

Online Courses

Transform your health, wellness, and happiness with Om Fairy's yoga & ayurveda courses. Courses synthesize the modern research on movement, diet, and self-care with 1000s of years of observation compiled into the ancient texts that inform today's yoga and ayurveda practices. Uncover your body's innate wisdom. Rediscover your playful nature. Revel in your magic.


Whether you can’t touch your toes and don’t know where to start with yoga, or you’ve been practicing for decades, Om Fairy has yogic and ayurvedic practices that will take you deeper into your understanding of these ancient practices for the modern day yogi. You’ll understand why we do what we do, you’ll explore the numerous tools and options at your fingertips, but most importantly you will discover how these practices affect YOU, feeling confident in how you can integrate them into your life for better health and well-being.