Finding a Home Practice Space 2

Nearly every article I read on how to start a home yoga practice advices you to create a beautiful space, a little nook or room of your own to practice yoga. It should have some lovely, calming things to look at, but not too much clutter. I’m going to offer […]

Yoga Space At Home

Music & Mantra Monday: Kali Durge Namoh Namah

Welcome to a new series here on Om Fairy! Music & Mantra Monday will feature a song, a mantra, or a playlist every Monday with a little about why it resonated with me. I’m kicking off the series with a blend of song and mantra that I learned from Girish […]

If Every Moment Carried the Hope of a New Year

Yes, Happy Day!! As we embark on a new year, whether or not we set out new goals or resolutions for the year, there’s always an air of hope moving into this day. Of leaving behind that which didn’t serve us well from the year before. The possibilities that lie […]

Happy Day!

Past Present Future Meditation

Past, Present, Future Meditation

Meditation. Often people think meditation means getting rid of all of the thoughts in your head. While it might feel great to empty the mind completely, it’s nearly impossible, especially when you sit down with the intention to not think about anything. In order to not think about something, whether […]

Yoga Nidra: Finding Deep Relaxation

I teach yoga nidra on Fridays at Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center. Every week, I have at least one person ask me, “What exactly is this practice?” So I thought I would offer my answer here, as well as provide a practice for those who would like to try this practice […]