Joy of Yoga™ Flight School: A 45-hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Joy of Yoga™ Flight School Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
Do you want to take your students to new heights in their practice? Aerial yoga offers immense opportunity to heal, strengthen, and stretch the body. Using the aerial hammock as a prop, students can deepen their mat practice and find support in asanas that might otherwise be inaccessible. Beyond the physical aspects, aerial yoga provides the opportunity for students to explore a vast range of emotion, from tapping into the joy and childlike feelings of play and discovery to facing fears while attempting what may seem like the impossible.

Courtney Krishnamurthy and Pearl Wang have geared this aerial yoga teacher training towards experienced yoga teachers. Teacher trainees customize their training, choosing modules that align with their interest, so you dictate the curriculum that best aligns with your mission in teaching. After you attend the Basics module, which is offered four times per calendar year, you can choose which additional modules to complete that are most suited to your teaching style. From restorative and alignment-based offerings to modules focused on the more acrobatic components of aerial such as flips, transitions, and aerial conditioning, this aerial yoga teacher training allows you to shape your own curriculum and work at a pace that suits your schedule and resources.

How it Works


Modules are offered once per month throughout the year, and each module consists of two sessions.
Session 1 is a 2-hour aerial yoga class focused on the theme of the module. This session will be open to the public in addition to teacher trainees. The purpose is to embody and experience the poses and transitions.

Session 2 is a 3-hour session limited to only those in the Joy of Flight teacher training program. In this session we will review the poses from the session 1 class, discuss terminology, cues, and the proper way to assist the poses, as well as spend ample time practice teaching.

Joy of Yoga Flight School trainees must first attend the Basics module, which is offered four times per year: January, April, July, and October. After you have completed the Basics module, you choose a minimum of 3 additional modules to attend that align with your interest. Modules will be focused on categories of poses and anatomy (Core, Hips, and Backbends are some examples) or on styles of yoga (Vinyasa, Alignment-based, Restorative, and aerial-specific classes). This approach allows you to start the Joy of Yoga Flight School training when it suits your schedule, and to tailor your training to your interests. See a full list of upcoming modules here.

Teachers are of course allowed to complete additional modules either prior to scheduling their test out class or after completion of the Joy Flight program to add to or refresh their knowledge. Modules will be offered at a discount for graduates of the Joy of Yoga Flight School.


Our number one objective is that teacher trainees leave this program feeling confident they can provide a safe aerial environment for their students. The best way to learn all of the variables that exist within the aerial classroom is to be in the aerial classroom. The Joy of Yoga Flight School teacher training requires that trainees apprentice 10 Flying Lotus™ classes with Pearl or Courtney. Here you will have the chance to demo, assist, and teach as you grow more comfortable with your skills and ability to handle the intricacies of a class in the hammocks. Currently Flying Lotus classes are held on Saturday and Sunday, so you will need to be available to assist on at least one of these days.

Practice Time

Joy of Yoga Flight School YTT students will have access to the Luna studio at Breathe Together Yoga in Los Gatos at least one time per week to practice the mechanics learned in the modules.*

*Liability Insurance must be current and on file with Breathe Together.


The Joy of Yoga Flight School training program is geared toward teachers who are already comfortable teaching yoga and holding space for students. At a minimum, students must have their 200RYT certification and be working towards a 500RYT certification. In addition, you must have attended at least 10 aerial classes, 5 of those being Flying Lotus classes. This allows us to offer the most comprehensive curriculum to our trainees in a shorter amount of time.

If you are an aerial enthusiast and would like to learn more about your aerial yoga practice, but you do not yet want to teach, join me for one of my many aerial workshop offerings!

Requirements for 45 hour Certification

  • Attend the Basics module
  • Attend 3 additional modules of your choice
  • Assist 10 Flying Lotus classes
  • Successfully design and lead a 60 minute aerial yoga class in the style of your choosing
  • Non-contact hours: Read Joy of Yoga Flight School book & practice time


Breathe Together Yoga offers two pricing options for the Joy of Yoga Flight School program.

Option 1: Students can pay up front for the entire 45-hour program and receive a discount. This price includes the Basics module, 3 other modules of your choice, your practice time, apprenticeship, test out, the Flying Lotus Aerial Yoga student handbook, and additional supplemental materials provided in the modules.
Total cost: $975 one-time charge

Option 2: Students can choose to pay as they go, paying on a per module basis. An upfront program fee will be charged to cover the cost of the Flying Lotus Aerial Yoga student handbook, and a portion of the hours dedicated to practice time, apprenticeship, and test out. The remaining hours will be bundled in with your module price.
Program fee: $300
Price per module: $200

To apply for the Joy of Yoga Flight School Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, fill out the application on Breathe Together’s website at the bottom of this page.

If you have questions about the aerial yoga teacher training, please feel free to contact me directly.