Neurological & Physiological Impacts

Understanding the Nervous System

Sympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic nervous system. They’re words that are often bandied about when we talk of the benefits of yoga. Sometimes we go a little deeper and talk about how these two systems play a role in our stress response, how they’re tied to the breath, or how we […]



Training Ourselves to See The Positive

Do you ever notice how when you are having a bad day, everything seems to go wrong? It’s not just one little thing; it’s everything. Conversely, when you’re having a good day, everything seems to go right, or, at least, the little things that go wrong simply slide off your […]

A Daily Practice

A daily home yoga practice is important to me, and over the years, I’ve noticed that my home practice happens on and off the mat. The thing I’m passionate about with yoga is its ability to change you – your body, your awareness, your outlook on life – if only […]


The power of breath

Take a moment. Just observe your breath, without changing it. How long is your inhale? How long is your exhale? Does the inhale fill your chest? Your stomach? Does your back rib cage push out when you inhale? Where are you reading this? In front of a computer… At work […]

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