About Flow & Hold Yoga

Flow & Hold® Yoga is a style of yoga developed by Courtney to help students achieve maximum benefit from their practice. She found that most yoga classes are either dedicated to keeping the body moving at a quicker pace, such as vinyasa or flow, or they’re very slow and still, such as yin or alignment-based traditions. She chose the middle path, incorporating pieces of both styles, so students can increase circulation and warmth in the body before allowing some time to refine their practice, focusing on holding asanas for a longer period, and allowing the time to really focus on what’s happening in the body and mind.

Flow & Hold is about approaching the yoga practice with an inquisitive mind, embracing the playfulness and joy that can exist in every moment. Class starts with vinyasa flow to bring warmth to the body, movement to the large muscle groups and joints, and focus to the mind through the introduction of variability in the flow. As the asana practice deepens, we begin to hold the poses longer, exploring the role our breath and the intrinsic muscles contribute to the refinement of the pose. As we discover ease and stillness in the postures and begin to witness the turnings of the mind, awareness of the connection of mind and body deepens, nourishing your entire being.

A video from Courtney on why she created Flow & Hold Yoga.

Want to practice a Flow & Hold® class?
Pop over to my video channel and choose one of the free Flow & Hold Yoga practices I have posted!

Flow & Hold Yoga is offered Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center on Tuesdays, 6 – 7:15 pm, and Thursdays, 9:45 – 11 am, and at Breathe Together Yoga in Los Gatos on Friday mornings, 7:30 – 8:45 am.

If you’re interested in offering Flow & Hold at your studio in the Bay Area, get in touch with me!

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